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-- love asks for nothing.
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8th-Feb-2008 05:06 pm - Icon Update: Smallville - Various.
Investigative Reporter Lane.
I LOVE Lois Lane. No, better -- I LOVE Erica Durance.

She really was thee highlight of last night's 'Smallville' episode. Her display of so many many emotions, all in one episode, it was jus.. I could go into detail but this journal isn't for that.

Icon Update. Just a few until later:

second to noone..Collapse )
11th-Dec-2007 04:10 am(no subject)
how do I look?
More icons. Everything Smallville.

Don't shoplift. Ever. Even if it's accidental.

uneasy lies ahead..Collapse )
14th-Nov-2007 06:32 pm - Icon Update: Smallvile
how do I look?
Made some icons a few days ago; mostly from the Smallville episode 'Reckoning' and a few from 'Crimson'.

love asks for nothing...Collapse )
how do I look?
First post... the third time around.


Well, let's not go through this whole 'introducing yourself' hoo-haa again and get to the madness: 


   Samantha Jones Lana Lang Rachel Green 

Oh, and a quote because my fiancee says the most brillant things ever:

"When I get over you and this whole 'can't-live-without-you' charade, I think I'm going to start dating bulls.  I mean, at least you expect them to be irrational."

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